Forklift machines operation and safety

Forklifts are machines  which are very useful to people and they can  also be a source of danger. In order to avoid  perils  it is good to follow the following  safety precautions.  

Firstly, operators of forklifts  must be qualified.  They must be well equipped with adequate  knowledge  needed  to operate  a forklift. This will enable them to handle it in a proper  manner. The operators  must also be licenced  to handle  the apparatus.  

Secondly, forklifts should be operated  at a good speed.  Operators  should  not move past the speed limit of the apparatus. Operators should make stops or changes in direction in a moderate speed.  Turning  and taking of corners  should  be done slowly  to reduce the risk of slanting which may lead to falling of loads. 

Thirdly, the operator should  ensure that the load is stable. Stability of loads will protect them from being damaged. The loads should  be stacked  in a correct  manner situated  across both forks. Ropes and bindings  can also be used to make the load stable. 

Appropriate  clothing is also another measure that can be taken for forklift operation  safety. Safety  work wears consist of safety shoes, reflector  jackets and a hard hat. These work wears must be fitting to avoid being stuck on the machine.  Operators  should  also ensure that their hands are not greased when handling  the machine.  This is because the grease may occasion them to slide off and cause hazards. 

Besides  that operators  should not let other people  ride on the apparatus  unless there is a seat for another person.  This is because  forklifts  are meant  to carry loads only. Incase  a person has to be carried, firmly  attached work platforms  should be used and suitable handling  instructions  should  be followed.  

On top of that, forklifts should be refuelled at selected  location.  The forklift should  be switched  off when refuelling  and it should be done in a well ventilated  place. 

When operating a forklift  ensure you are familiar  with the nearby environment.  The operator must drive the apparatus in the chosen  roadways.  It should  not be operated  on bridge plates  except  if they can keep up with the weight of the forklift  and load. 

Forklifts play an important role in moving heavy loads  from one point to another. It is therefore  necessary  for operators  to ensure  that there is forklift operation safety.  

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